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It all started with 8 little words...

"You're really pretty, too bad you're brown-skinned.

I feel it's needed to start at the root of where our insecurities stem from. We all suffer from different insecurities, whether it's because of our appearances, finances or simply feeling like we're not good enough. My insecurities came from being told I wasn't good enough. One day while shopping in Wal-Mart, a guy approached me and said "You're really pretty, too bad you're brown-skinned. If you were light-skinned I'd holla at you."

The brief 30 second conversation changed my life in many ways. Prior to this day, I'd never had a problem with my complexion. The 20 something years of hearing my dad compliment me in every possible way went out of the window. My dad's affirmation no longer mattered. From that point on, I felt less than in everything that I did and how I looked. 

That is where it first began. That one conversation made me doubt myself in other areas of my life as well. After years of rebuilding my confidence, I decided I would never let anyone else's opinion effect me to that extent again. Being secure in yourself can set you apart from others. You walk differently, you KNOW your worth and there's nothing that can change that.


Securely Bshennell was created to inspire men and women to become the best they can be by being secure in all areas of life. We are saying GOODBYE to those insecurities and HELLO to the secure life.

-Securely Bshennell




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