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In a world full of craziness, there are two individuals that always put a smile on my face. When I’ve had a rough day, I will literally take a moment to breathe and call these two. No matter when or what time they call(all 25 times a day), I’m always there to answer. We pray together, we laugh together, and so much more. My nieces are my world.

I’ve been an Aunt for 8 years now, and the lessons I’ve learned are unforgettable. These young ladies are sweet and caring, mixed with a little sass. There’s so much joy in being an Auntie, but most importantly, there’s an astonishing amount of joy when you’re an Aunt that’s trying to pave a way for them as the next generation. I have watched my niece follow and say almost everything that’s been done or said around them. This recently stuck out to me when my youngest niece sent me a TikTok of her mimicking one of my TikTok videos. It was hilarious to see her do the EXACT thing that she seen her Britt Britt post on social media. My oldest niece is the fashion designer. She likes to make doll clothes out of old socks and jewelry out of just about anything. She is definitely my twin. Growing up I was heavy into designing, and I see it in her now. She calls me every morning to show me her outfit and to get my “approval.” She even tells her Yaya ( my mom) when her outfits don’t look the best. They are my little women, and I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

Being that I don’t have kids of my own yet, I like to make sure my nieces are well prepared for what life could possibly bring. I often times get phone calls from my oldest niece telling me something that she doesn’t want others to hear. To know that she trusts me that much pushes me to be better, as well as , DO BETTER. I want to continue to show them the love and support that they need, while showing and giving them the world. I’m the fun Aunt, I’m like a mom, but cooler. I’ll send you money to get food and toys, and only give you half of the discipline your parents give you.






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