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Friends, how many of us have them????

This year has been a roller coaster indeed. In January I remember hearing all of the perfect visions sermon and how this year was going to be THE YEAR. Then February came, and brought COVID along with it. Never in my 32 years of life would I ever thought I would be able to witness a global pandemic that would last the rest of the year. Although 2020 had its ups and downs, there’s one thing that remained the same; my community.

Having a solid community is one thing that helped me get through this year, both mentally and emotionally. There are so many benefits of having a positive community(notice I said positive), but here are a couple that I thought of:

1. Friend circles can be a great coping mechanism: Working with children, I find it that they are more happy, active and involved when their friends are around. When school was in session physically, I gave some of my children little break cards so that they could come and hang with me when they felt they needed a break. I even allowed them to bring a friend along so we can just sit and chat. I honestly didn’t know it would turn into such a big deal that the teachers would email me and start to make it a rewards system for the children. The teachers realize how beneficial it was for the children to have a sense of community and ability to let their hair down and relax. It became their coping mechanism.

2. Sense of belonging: I don’t care what anyone says, it feels good to have a sense of belonging. There’s nothing like being in a relationship, job, church and not feel like you belong. When you feel like you belong, you start to care more about the situation and it makes you want to be apart of more positive environments.

3. Development: Community can also bring you some amazing development. If you are surrounded by people that are making moves, you are more than likely going to start making moves yourself. No one wants to be the “weakest link.” My friends have pushed me to do just about anything I put my mind to, but they will also check me when something isn’t right. We push each other to the max and celebrate when we reach our milestones, no matter the size.

4. Support: One of the biggest reason I love having a positive community around me is for the support. There have been plenty of days I went to a friends house when I needed a shoulder to cry on. There are times when I need someone to tell me, “I hear you and I completely understand.” Those are my friends and family, and life wouldn’t be the same without them.

Whodini had it all figured out when it came to friends. Friends and family can come in different packages and in different seasons, but it’s the consistent positive community that will help push you to be a better you. Find you a community that will do that, and I promise life will never be the same.




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