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Today was one of those days...

It started off as a normal day, I woke up, thought about eating breakfast, checked my emails and proceeded to call some parents. As I’m working from home, I always like to have some kind of background noise. Normally I put something on tv I know I don’t have to look at to pay attention. Today, I decided to watch my favorite show, A Different World. I can tell you each episode from every season. This particular episode that was on, I’d of course seen several times, but for some reason today it triggered some emotions in me that I didn’t expect, but I knew I needed to address. And what better day to write this blog..


It can be done in different forms. Some may be need a physical healing, while others need to be healed emotionally. Several years ago I needed financial healing but it had to start with being mentally healed. 

So many ways to be healed and how to go about the healing , but I’m just going to give you 3 quick points on what I do in a time such as this:

1. Breathe: if you’ve followed me for sometimes, I tend to post different breathing exercises that I do with my kids from work. Intentionally breathing is very very beneficial. My two favorite techniques are the 4-7-8 and the sigh(I’ll explains those in the live). 

2. Allow yourself to feel the emotion: we tend to try and distract ourselves from feeling the emotions that come with the heartache, the loss, etc. but you’re not doing anything but prolonging you’re healing. I tell my friends to always take a moment or two to CRY. It’s an amazing release. If you’re angry, be angry! Go to a gym and punch a bag. Or scream in your pillow, or without the pillow. Find a way to feel that emotion and release it. My release today was a 4 mile walk and listening to the sound of water as I sit on the bridge at browns island and type this. 

3. Respond appropriately: I’ve seen people respond to heartache all kinds of ways. But I mostly see people responding in an unhealthy way. As a culture, we see it in Kanye. Your response matters. Having a heathy response to what is going on, can save you a world of trouble. A broken heart can be returned to it’s original state or better. 


4. God: it’s God for me! He has literally pulled me out of dark places through me diving in his word, as well as sending people my way to say the first thing at the right moment. Try it, TRY HIM, and thank me later.

How do you even close a blog like this??? 

I’ll just say this.. broken crayons still color, and hearts can be mended. 



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